STANDING FIRM, When You’re World is Shakingᵀᴹ

‘Your history does not need to decide your destiny unless you decide it must.’

Mary Morrissey

Learn to Navigate Life’s Toughest Terrain

Difficult times are a natural part of the human experience, it’s not something you can avoid. Our natural responses to difficult times tend to fall in the fight, flight or freeze category. It’s how we navigate these difficult times that determines who we become in the process.

COVID-19 is causing us to stay home, isolate, and this gives us an opportunity to turn inward and turn up the volume on what we know matters most in our lives. For many of us, this means that we re-assess the importance of our health, our loved ones, and our reason for being alive on this planet at this time.

If you find that the current circumstances are challenging you and you would like to see if you can get some extra support, I offer a complimentary consultation. This consultation can be the catalyst for something really big in your life. What if it opens the door to a new chapter in your life, a doorway leading you to become all you are meant to be in this world?

This is especially for you if you’ve been feeling that:

  • Now is your time to prioritise and up-level your wellness practices, relationship tools, and work-life balance.
  • If you are under extra stress and you’d love some support and personal coaching to navigate all the many changes in your life right now.
  • You want some tools and strategies to help boost your positive mindset and stay calm, confident, focused, and be your most resilient self during these turbulent times.
  • If you are tired of waiting, of putting other people’s needs before your own, and that now is the time to reconnect with yourself and realise that you do matter.

Tjitske is a certified Dreambuilder Coach® and Life Mastery Consultant® who was personally trained by Mary Morrissey at the Life Mastery Institute®.

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